Jedi by Nicolas Terry


The Face of Pan by Kasahara

Lion by Hideo Komatsu

Sparrow by Kamiya

Broken Hearts (updated diagrams)

Unhappy Valentines Day, my friend! Just in time, I have redrawn the Broken Hearts origami diagram. This is a simple paper heart that you can rip in two, to form two new hearts. Broken… Continue reading

Flags! diagram

After a little folding, and a lot of maths, I present to you: flags! This module joins together any number of flat rectangular pieces. You could make a flag, a striped scarf, etc… You want an A4… Continue reading

Chopstick Owl + diagrams

This adorable little creature sprang into life a few weeks ago. I compulsively doodle with paper in restaurants, normally binning what I do (the world does not need another dull box-pleated crab; I need… Continue reading

The Liberator

Here is my origami model of the Liberator from Blake’s 7. I’ve worked on it for a year or so, on and off, and it’s finally ready to be released to the world.… Continue reading

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