Queries and questions: smashfold@gmail.com

Origami Art

Origami is an ancient Japanese artform, combined with modern maths to create unique paper sculptures. I have been folding and designing models for 13 years.

Any origami commission starts with your brief. It could be something as small as a one-off gift for a friend, or as big as an event requiring stunning party centerpieces. If there is a particular model you admire online, I can recreate the sculpture for your office or home, subject to permission from the model’s designer.

I am currently writing my first book of origami models.


I am an experienced teacher, and have taught origami to all levels. From children’s birthday parties, to school groups, and fractious small cousins on long car journeys; from fellow geeks at the London MCM Comic Con, to fellow teachers at the Association of Teachers of Mathematics conference, and all-comers at the Tanabata Festival held by the Japanese Embassy on London’s Southbank. If you have a special project in mind, and are not sure where to start, I can also provide one-to-one tuition.


Unlike many origami folders, I love diagramming! I am passionate that all origami models should be diagrammed, and I admire origami’s culture of great creators sharing new techniques and models so generously. I am available to help with diagramming your models, for a reduced rate. For a commercial purpose, that would be a fair share of the proceeds; if you just want to diagram your stuff for the web, and you have a design I like, I am happy to consider a low/no-fee or other arrangement.

Queries and questions: smashfold@gmail.com