In my smashdaily life, I am a book-pusher. But by night, my true identity is revealed – armed only with a paper mask and a ninja star, I am as mysterious as origamido and leave no trace…The Closed Sink is my greatest nemesis; my signature moves are the paper-cut and, of course, the smashfold.

I like beauty, the city, making things, costumes, make-believe, very good hats, ghostly places, Oscar Wilde, Quentin Crisp, Maxwell Demon, trees, dead languages, cinema, politics, feminism, dressing up, glitter & all sorts of clothes. My major needs in life are a bottle of tacky glue and paper I can muss up.

I have been folding paper for 13 years, and knitting wool for one. I’m an avid craft swapper (get in touch to trade zines/ATCs/other mail art), and have been hand-painting watercolour ATCs for five or six years.