Real Monsters Plushies launch 10th October!

Real Monsters - Emily MonaghanArtist battles mental health stigma with cuddly renditions of illnesses, in new Kickstarter campaign.

Developed from the popular designs by Toby Allen, the Real Monsters series of collectable soft toys is produced by Emily Monaghan.

With 1 in 4 people in the UK suffering a mental health problem each year, the huge success of the Real Monsters artistic designs in 2014 was a timely blow against stigma. Now they are becoming more real still, with a Kickstarter campaign raising funds and taking orders for the limited first edition of collectable soft toys. Contributor rewards will include the toys themselves, and also the chance to vote on the condition she tackles next.

The North London-based artist behind the Kickstarter, Emily Monaghan, runs Smashfold, a bespoke art and origami business. She has been inspired by her own mental health problems – she suffers from anxiety and depression – and this has proven a real passion project for her.

She explained her motivation:

For lots of sufferers of depression and mental health issues, life can seem like a daily battle against insidious enemies. Just sometimes, it would be comforting to treat a diagnosis as an intimate and even positive part of yourself! These collectable toys allow you to see and hold your condition; they make it physical, and less intimidating. I think they’re rather beautiful, and I hope others agree. I know people react to these in a deeply personal way, so the biggest challenge has been getting the details exactly right to convey the personalities of each monster.”

Each of the limited edition collectable soft toys is crafted by hand from minky fabric and a range of luxury (fake) furs, with details added by hand-sewn embroidery and airbrushing.

Save the date! Monsters available from 10th October




Above: Borderline Personality Disorder

Below: Avoidant Personality Disorder