Depression: The Plushie!


Introducing: Depression!

This is the third in a series of plushies based on mental health conditions. The Depression monster is saggy and lethargic, weeping constantly and transfering its feeling to others as some relief from its own pain. I love the way that everything in this design is turned-downwards – it’s a slump in fabric form! The Depression plush is one big huggable ball of fluff, and warming and soft to hold, with elongated arms which can cover up its eyes and glomp onto things. My own experience of Depression is very close to Toby’s concept – it feels like something heavy and soft clinging to the back of my head, making everything more sluggish.

Depression is made of minky and luxury, tangled faux-fur. This plush contains no wire for maximum huggability. The plush isn’t quite as spherical as the image – mostly to save you guys on postage.costs, as the extra bulk was adding a lot to the toy’s weight, but the slightly sleeker design gives the finished product the look of a creature trying to curl up and hide.

Real Monsters

The Real Monsters were created in 2013 by Toby Allen, and envisaged mental health conditions as monsters who literally followed you around. Cute yet also kind creepy, who wouldn’t want an Anxiety of their very own to hold, or a floompy Depression critter? I am currently partnering with him to bring them to life as limited edition plushies.

Depression will be slumping its way to your postbox in the autumn.

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Real Monsters - Emily Monaghan