Anxiety: The Plushie!


Introducing: Anxiety!

This is the fourth in a series of plushies based on mental health conditions. Wouldn’t it be great if you could catch the little scamp who’s been worrying you, and give it a big hug and a boop on the nose?

Anxiety is one of the conditions I can personally really imagine as a little monster, living in dusty corners of the house or hiding on the street, and following the unaware. I think this design really exemplifies what Toby’s done with this series, by combining very cute but also quite sinister qualities together. Designing Anxiety was hard – I started on it last Christmas – and I studied pictures of squirrels, rats, birds and rodents to figure out “realistic” anatomy for this fantasy critter. As a personal note, I am so pleased with how this one came out – particularly the feet, and the sturdy way it stands up. 

Anxiety is made from minky and luxury faux fur. It contains no wire, for maximum huggablity, and is firmly stuffed with fluff, so it’ll stand up straight on your shelf. The original Anxiety illustration carried a clock, representing the fear of future things which may never happen. I’ve not made a clock, and that’s mostly to keep the cost down for everyone; but when you order your Anxiety, you will be able to additionally order a clock – or whatever your favourite fear is.

Real Monsters
The Real Monsters were created in 2013 by Toby Allen, and envisaged mental health conditions as monsters who literally followed you around. Cute yet also kind creepy, who wouldn’t want an Anxiety of their very own to hold, or a floompy Depression critter? I am currently partnering with him to bring them to life as limited edition plushies.

Depression will be slumping its way to your postbox in the autumn.

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