Borderline Personality Disorder: The Plushie!

Introducing: BPD!

bpdeditBorderline Personality Disorder is the second in a series of limited edition hand-made plushes based on mental health conditions. The full series will be released for sale this autumn.

The BPD monster is fragile, almost invisible, easily mistaken for a leaf or swept away in a gust. I particularly loved working with this design – I kept noticing new things about it, like the way it uses its extra eyes and ears to listen out for people saying horrible things about it. The original design relies on delicate lines to express this Monster’s fragility The antlers are rather more stylised – I could likely replicate the exact design on request. But I felt chunkier and narrower made for a more solid and cute toy, something you could hold without getting antler in your face all the time. I find this one weirdly huggable.

BPD is made of minky and built on a wire armature. The wire runs through the antlers to keep them upright, and through the tail – so you can pose it into an anxious swish. The tips of the feet contain poly-pellets, making them droopy no matter how you move your Monster, as if swaying in the wind.

Real Monsters

The Real Monsters were created in 2013 by Toby Allen, and envisaged mental health conditions as monsters who literally followed you around. Cute yet also kind creepy, who wouldn’t want an Anxiety of their very own to hold, or a floompy Depression critter? I am currently partnering with him to bring them to life as limited edition plushies.

BPD will be winging its way to your postbox in the autumn.

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