Avoidant Personality Disorder: The Plushie


Introducing: AVPD!

Avoidant Personality Disorder is the first in a series of limited edition hand-made plushes based on mental health conditions. The full series will be released for sale this autumn.

When I was a kid, I had a toy bat from the fairground. It was a cheap ugly pink thing, and I loved that bat to death because it had wire in the wings. You could pose it, so it could hug or strangle things. I was a strange child. This bat? Has WIRE IN THE WINGS – because I am still convinced that that is the best thing ever.

AVPD is made with minky on the wings and legs, and high quality faux fur (I love this orange – it’s got so many colours in it). As well as fully poseable armature in the wings, the legs contain wire, and poly pellets to make the feet dangle. As well as strangling your little sister, the wire allows you to pose the Monster in a twisted/hunched form.

Real Monsters

The Real Monsters were created in 2013 by Toby Allen, and envisaged mental health conditions as monsters who literally followed you around. Cute yet also kind creepy, who wouldn’t want an Anxiety of their very own to hold, or a floompy Depression critter? I am currently partnering with him to bring them to life as limited edition plushies.

AVPD will be winging its way to your postbox in the autumn.

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