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Who could resist a cuddly Anxiety monster? A floompy Depression beast slumping on their sofa? A brittle BPD creature floating by? Introducing a new series of collectable limited-edition plushies, based on mental health conditions!

I am currently partnering with Toby Allen (zestydoesthings) to bring his Real Monsters series to life as plushies.

The Real Monsters were created in 2013, and envisaged mental health conditions as monsters who literally followed you around. Cute yet also kind creepy, who wouldn’t want an Anxiety of their very own to hold, or a floompy Depression critter?

Work is underway on prototypes, and they will hopefully go on sale in the next few months – possibly as a Kickstarter. Until then – please share if you want to make these a reality, and follow to find out when they are ready to come home with you!

– Emily Monaghan / SMASHFOLD!

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