Flags! diagram

After a little folding, and a lot of maths, I present to you: flags! This module joins together any number of flat rectangular pieces. You could make a flag, a striped scarf, etc…

You want an A4 flag with three vertical stripes? An A3 flag with five horizontal stripes? Don’t care about flag size, but the paper you have is 15cm sq? This module can do all that, and the maths on the final sheet explains what size units you will need. Or just follow the instructions and you get a modular six-piece gay pride flag.

The module lock is very simple, so I expect a similar thing has been designed before. I don’t claim that it is unique, only that I independently designed it and am excited to explore all the possibilities of a new modular piece.


designed and diagrammed April 2014 / difficulty: easy, but you will need a ruler to measure starting modules

Download the diagrams here:
Flags! by Emily Monaghan