Chopstick Owl + diagrams

This adorable little creature sprang into life a feworigami chopstick owl weeks ago. I compulsively doodle with paper in restaurants, normally binning what I do (the world does not need another dull box-pleated crab; I need to spend this £5 Starship Enterprise or they won’t let me leave). But owls are AWESOME, there are never enough owls, and so I bring you a chopstick wrapper owl. The folds are simple enough, but with patience you can transform my blocky basic design into something lovely and expressive.

My favourite owl model of all time is by Katsuta Kyohei. Look at that wingspan! And it’s lovely to fold. Another good owl is by Beth Johnson, who has a really unique style and has made several. Finally, the Nicholas Terry owlet is just too adorable. Especially when you have an army of them.



Owl page1

owl page 2

Pictures to follow soon. Comments and photos of your owls are happy-making.